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    Mental Health Science Academe and Research Task Force Consensus Statements and Recommendations

    This infographic presents a summary of the propositions and recommendations of the Mental Health Science Academe and Research (MHSAR) Task Force to the Philippine Council for Mental Health (PCMH) in order to mainstream mental health in the educational system particularly higher educational institutions (HEIs).

    By ACRI Mental Health Science Program

  • Mental Health

    Pre-service Education in Mental, Brain and Behavioural Health: Scaling Up Implementation and Dissemination Workshop

    In recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been working to enhance undergraduate education for healthcare professionals, particularly doctors and nurses, in the domains of mental health, brain health, and substance use conditions. As part of the preliminary activities for the guide's release, stakeholders from around the world convened in Shanghai last March 13-14, 2024 for a strategic planning session aimed at implementation and dissemination. It is a collective aspiration to empower future generations of doctors and nurses with mental health competencies to bridge the gap in mental health provision through enhanced medical education. As a participant and presenter to these meetings, the ASMPH, represented by Dr. Angel Belle Dy, is eager to contribute to this transformative initiative and witness its profound impact on shaping the future of medical education and healthcare delivery in the Philippines and worldwide.

    By Angel Belle Dy